Cosmetic surgery

Abdominoplasties (tummy tuck)

Hospitalization 2 to 4 days
Duration of surgery 4 hours
Anesthesia General
Post-op Compressive corset during 6 weeks
Return to normal activity 1 month

You can have an enlarged abdomen. This increase may be due to increased fat mass under the skin, increased fat in the omentum (intestinal membrane) and sometimes in the substance of the liver.
If the increase is due to subcutaneous fat, the skin is almost always enlarged and stretched down to some extent. In these cases, a removal of the skin, underlying fat and plication of the abdominal wall muscles solve the problem. Plication of the muscles is very important for the waist outline.
We need a history and a detailed clinical examination to establish the cause of the problem and possible solutions. Abdominoplastic resection of skin and subcutaneous fat would be of no use if there were intra-abdominal fat accumulation (within the abdominal cavity). Remember that the abdominoplasty corrects the abdominal wall.
There are different techniques for abdominoplasty, and the surgeon's duty is to explain and decide, with the consent of the patient, what technique is most appropriate and what are the benefits to be gained with this technique.
It is often convenient to associate a selective liposuction operation, which takes place before the tummy tuck but in the same surgical procedure.
This operation leaves a scar in a semicircle from one side to the other of the lower abdomen.
You may need a blood auto-trasnfusion.
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