Cosmetic surgery


Many of the operations in cosmetic facial surgery aim at the correction or improvement of a defect or abnormality, whereas other procedures deal with the fight against the deterioration secondary to the passing of time, a third type leans towards the reconstructive side of this surgery, having a functional aim, to improve function.
Otoplasties, chin augmentation, certain types of rhinoplasties are among the first group of surgical procedures. Face lifts of different types, blepharoplasties and  even  botox injections belong to the other type of operations and treatments. Flaps, tissue grafts, even  digit arthroplasties are inside  the third, functional group of operations.
There is no clear divide between these three types, as, in the great majority of the cases, the three effects combine and help one another achieving corrections and rejuvenation and functional improvement at the same time.


The objectives of any corrections to the body shape try to achieve total harmony. This harmony is unalterable, almost geometric.
Fashions tend to lead towards a certain lack of proportions in body shape, exaggerated breasts, buttocks, flattening of the abdomen, etc. The standards of beauty have been changing over time. Today the Milo Venus would need mastopexy, tummy tucks, buttocks surgery and several liposuctions to be in the fashion.