Orthopaedic surgery

The use and benefits from surgery of the hand can be classified as treatment measures for a great variety of conditions, as:
Hand and finger accidents:
- Fractures, dislocations, wounds, amputations and more severe trauma (catasfrophic hand injuries)
- Congenital malformations:

- Partial or total absence of digits.

Digital anomalies of shape and function.

- Wrist diseases and malformations.

Age related pathological conditions:

- Arthritis, osteo-arthrosis, soft tissue diseases and malformations involving the vessels, nerves and tendons. Problems associated with the skin cover.


A thorough physical examination is absolutely necessary, as well as other diagnostic tests The specialist will discuss the necessity of all the needed pre-operative tests, the nature of the procedure and the time to fully recover. The operation normally need regional anaesthesia. The upper limb is rendered insensitive and the patient remains awake but under sedation through the operation. The majority of the patients can be discharged within the first 24 hours.