The clinic

The clinic objective is to give you the best possible advice and treatment.
My duty and dedication consist on analyzing your problem, discuss it, look for alternative solutions and then explain a working plan to solve it.
In order to decide if you want to carry out the kind of treatment you desire, you need to understand all possible options and choose, with my advice and help, the most convenient.
If you decide to accept any surgical treatment, I shall use all the knowledge, technique and protocols at my disposal for its success. You will have time to think and decide. It is quite usual to need more than one visit. The second visit is normally used to clarify some dubious points and give answers about things which were not completely understood and it helps to face the operation with more calm, confidence and security.
In order to obtain all these data and explanations, you will be talking objectively with me. At the end if it you will have grasped the majority of the advantages and disadvantages as well as the possible complications which sometimes occur when a surgical or non surgical treatment is carried out.
Remember that any surgical procedure in cosmetic surgery is not caused by a disease and it is therefore a voluntary act.
You will be helped before, during and after the treatment, until reaching the final result, naturally based on the required scientific and technical knowledge.