Cosmetic surgery

Lifting of the arms

Hospitalization 1 day
Anesthesia Regional
Duration of surgery 2 hours
Post-op 10 days

From a certain age arms loose smoothness and if you have lost weight, this becomes more obvious. Some people ask for lifting of the arms. The surgeon's duty is to carefully examine the patient and assess the surgical indication, if the skin has retained its elasticity or not, the amount and quality of subcutaneous fat, and mainly the final result after surgery, compared to the results of other means of treatment. This is a very personal matter and should be assessed  with great caution.
It leaves axillary and sometimes inner longitudinal arm scars.
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Thighs and areas in the vicinity of the knees

Hospitalization 2 days
Anesthesia General
Duration of surgery 5 hours
Post-op 2 weeks

A similar procedure in the thighs named “thigh lifting” is more favorable in terms of outcome because the scars can be placed in the subgluteal and inguinal folds and are less obvious in these places.
Both operations, lifting of arms and thighs, are difficult procedures because we operate in an area where most of the nerves of the limbs emerge and important veins and arteries pass through on the way to the limbs.
You will be given detailed explanations of the benefits and disadvantages and possible complications of these procedures.
They leave scars in the groin, inner aspect of the thigh and sub-gluteal fold.
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