Fundamental principles

Plastic surgery (cosmetic and reconstructive), is one of the larger surgical specialties, whose field spans from head to toe. Make no mistake, cosmetic surgery is only a small part of it but involves all the techniques and protocols learned and perfected for the reconstruction of tissues (skin, muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc.). Cosmetic procedures have their bases on the techniques learned, along their training, by the specialist surgeons and are used equally when operating on reconstructive, or on aesthetic grounds.

Most techniques used in cosmetic surgery procedures were first used to reconstruct a body part.

Therefore, do not think that a small operation, a localized liposuction, an infiltration with some substance, some threads that are left under the skin, “in situ”, etc. can be categorized as entirely safe. They are surgical operations and, to improve safety, they require the conditions available in a good operating theater and hospital.

Do not take this decision lightly. Consult a specialist. Read the informed consent form and ask whatever you do not understand. Ask for advice. Very often you will realize that the specialist tells you something quite unlike what you read in this or that magazine and certainly even less similar to what you heard in this or that TV show.