Cosmetic surgery

Breast (mammoplasties)

If the aim is to equalize a hipoplastic (less developed) breast to a normal one, we have a wide choice of treatment possibilities. A unilateral operation, or a bilateral one compensating the size by using two different sizes of prostheses, or an increase and a reduction in the other side, or perhaps an augmentation and a contralateral mastopexy.
Let us have a look at each of these different options independently:

Augmentation mammaplasty

Hospitalization 1 - 2 days
Anesthesia General
Surgery time 2 hours
Post-op 1 week

This is basically an increase in the breast size by implanting prostheses.
There are mainly three approaches for this operation. The axilary, the periareolar and the sub mammary approach.
There are prostheses filled with saline serum, others have a cohesive silicone gel, round, tear shaped, more or less prominent, with a smooth surface, or with porous surface, etc.
They can be put under the gland, under the pectoral fascia (a membrane covering the muscle), or under the pectoral muscle.
Technical, aesthetic and functional reasons make the surgeon choose one of them. These reasons will be explained to you in your first visit and under equal techno-pathological conditions you will be able to choose. We shall talk about the possible complications and if one should appear, how to solve the situation until obtaining a satisfactory final result.
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Reduction mammaplasty

Hospital 3 días
Anesthesia General
Tiempo quirúrgico 3 - 4 horas
Post operatorio 2-3 días

A congenital giganto-mastia, an increase in body mass, the post maternal hipertrophy, or simply the choice a woman has about her shape are a few of the causes and motives for this operation.
The approaches and techniques to remove great quantity of breast glandular and fat tissues are numerous and each one leaves different scars. There is always a periareolar scar and a longitudinal vertical scar running down to the sub mammary fold.
No horizontal scars are used today. You may need a blood auto-transfusion.
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Hospital 1-2 days
Anesthesia General
Tiempo quirúrgico 2-3 hours
Post operatorio 1-2 weeks

The breasts become smaller, flatter, and loose their normal shape after breast feeding,  weight  loss  or simply with the passing of time. In these cases correction is achieved by a simple mastopexy or a mastopexy plus prosthetic augmentation.
An essential mastopexy consists in remaking the conical shape the gland lost some time ago, becoming a flat wide circle with no projection whatsoever.
We have to lift the areola and transform the wide, flat circle into a cone shaped gland. It is advisable to preserve the canaliculi connecting the glad to the nipple.
It leaves a periareolar scar and a vertical longitudinal scar from the areola to the sub mammary fold.
If  a prosthetic insertion is added, the breast size will increase but the general shape and the scars will remain the same.
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