Cosmetic surgery


Primary rhinoplasty

Hospitalization 1 day
Anesthesia General
Duration of surgery 1-3 hours
Post-op 7- 10 days

This is an operation on a nose which has not been operated before. After a detailed history and examination, the patient will be told exactly what is not practical to do to correct the deformities and achieve his or her wishes.
It does not leave any scar as the whole procedure is done intra nasally.
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Secondary rhinoplasties

These secondary procedures are usually done to correct unfortunate results from previous operations, (pinched nose, step nose, bulbous tip, etc) or to reconstruct the results of the treatment of infections, cancer, destructions from drug inhalation, etc.
If flaps or grafts are needed for the reconstruction, there may be scars in the forehead or in the chest.

Rhinoplasty for the oriental nose

Two main points are to be considered:  The wide base of the nostrils implantation and the underdeveloped septal structures. They can both be altered to make them look more caucasian.