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The first visit

The first visit is probably the most important fact until you finish your treatment at my clinic.

You will need an honest, scientifically informed and expert opinion about what surgery can and cannot do for your problem. I will need a certain amount of clinical information, past illnesses, medical treatments you are having or have had, some of your habits and their relation with your health, like smoking, drinking, practice of sports, etc. These data are part of the medical history and bear an important relation towards the prevention of complications. You may refuse to answer some of them, if you so decide. As a plastic surgeon I shall explain what we can achieve and the limits of surgery, details of the procedures, and possible complications that may occur as well as the ways to deal with them. All these explanations are made by me personally, and they take a quite a long time.

You can go back home to think about everything you have stored or pass direct to the next steps, which are:

  • Clinical examination
  • Pre-operative instructions
  • Clinical photographs
  • Signature of informed consent forms and discussion of immediate post operative directions as well as home post-operative instructions
  • Planning of dates and hospital

If you have opted for postponing your decision, you will need a second visit. This is done personally by me and you will not be charged for it.

Consultation fees

Interviews are made always by myself, personally. They require time and dedication, the first visit involves clinical history, examination, treatment planning, and other questions about relevant medical information.
Normally there is a fee as it takes between half to one hour with each person and there is no haste about it.

Hospital forfaits

Some hospitals offer pre established total costs. You will be informed about them, as they are fairly cheap for the total services they offer.

Planning the treatment

This includes the pre operative tests, date decision, type of anaesthesia and any other questions that were not discussed at the first visit.

Hospital stay

I normally use the Hospital-Clinica Quirón in Valencia.
Occasionally the Hospital Acuario in Beniarbeig or the Clinica San Carlos in Denia.

Post operative time

This depends mainly on the type of operation and of anaesthesia you will need or choose. The norm is to spend the first night in hospital and be discharged the next day.  Small  procedures are dealt as day cases and do not need a night in hospital. You will receive as many visits, in the hospital or at my consulting rooms, as necessary until the final discharge.