Cosmetic surgery

Waist and post-bariatric surgery

Hospitalization 2-4 days
Anesthesia General
Duration of surgery 4-8 hours
Post-op 2 weeks

By loosing a significant amount of fat tissue a person can reduce his or her weight by 40 to 80 Kg. The skin stretched to accommodate the fat loosing its elasticity and therefore hangs unevenly both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.
There are primarily two extreme situations:

  • The patient lost all the excess fat. His or her weight becomas normal for their height and muscle development. Normal body mass.
  • Loss of a relative amount of excessive fat and the weight of the person is still greater than what would correspond to their physiological parameters, height and muscle development.
    Increased body mass.

The treatment is different in both situations, since in the first situation we have to make sure the skin sticks to the muscle and we have to remove what is not adhered to the deep layers.
In the second, the treatment is usually through multiple interventions and we have to remove skin and underlying fat.
You will need a detailed assessment of the surgical needs as these two situations are completely different. Their modes of treatment are different as well. Not all cases fall within these two classes of post-bariatric situations. There are many intermediate situations that must be evaluated carefully before starting treatment.
You will be given explanations of the extent of the problem and its way of treatment. You can take the time needed to reach a conclusion and decision.
As each case is unique, it is extremely difficult to offer generalized lines about treatments and that is why a personal contact is required to reach a satisfactory understanding.
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